17th International Symposium on
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems
Kyoto International Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan, July 24-28, 2006


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Frequently Asked Questions
PDF File Requirements.
  Why has the conference adopted these requirements?
What are these compliance requirements that my document must meet?
How do I verify if my PDF meets these requirements?
Why are Type 3 fonts not acceptable?
I don't care about compliance, why can't I just upload my file for review?
Page/Font/File Settings
  What are the margin requirements for manuscript submission?
Should I prepare document in "Letter" or "A4" size?
Is there is limit on the number of pages in my manuscripts?
Is there a limit on the memory size of the manuscript?
Can I include audio/video clips in my submission?
TEX/LATEX Related Topics.
  Are there style files available to use with TeX/LaTeX?
What else do I need to create PDF documents using (La)TeX?
How do I create compliant PDFs from (La)TeX source?
Should I use dvips/ghostscript/distiller combination, PDFLaTeX or dvipdfm?
My TeX installation uses bitmapped fonts, what should I do?
I am using vector fonts, yet the PDF test says there are bitmap fonts in my paper. What should I do?
Word Processors (MS Word/Word Perfect) Related Topics.
  Are there templates and sample files available to use with Word?
How do I use these templates to prepare my paper?
What do I need to create PDF documents using Word or WordPerfect?
How do I create compliant PDFs from Word 2007?
How do I create compliant PDFs from Word (2007 and earlier)?
How do I create compliant PDF from other Word Processors?
Your test keeps saying there are SimSun/PMingLiu fonts in my paper. What should I do?
According to the pdf test my pdf file has annotations but I do not find any annotations. What to do?
Completing the Copyright Transfer Process.
  Where do I download the copyright form, I do not see a link?
What is the Electronic Copyright Form that I have to sign?
How is an author’s copyright status determined?
How do I “sign” the eCF?
Does a typed name carry the same legal weight as a handwritten signature?
Don’t you need to use a higher level of security, such as digital certificates or encryption keys?
How do you authenticate the signee?
How does this eCF process work?
What if I am not authorized to sign the Form?
What exactly is copyright?
What happens when an author signs a copyright form?
Can I submit a modified version of the work in another conference/journal?
What if I have questions that haven’t been answered here?
Testing and Uploading Files on the Server
  How do I obtain and install the IEEE Acrobat job options?
How should I verify if my paper's margins meet the requirements?
Do I need to send a hardcopy of my manuscript for review and/or final submission?
I get an error message that says that certain "fonts are not subset embedded". What should I do?
My TeX installation uses bitmapped fonts, I cannot upload my file. What should I do?
I am using vector fonts, yet the PDF test says there are bitmap fonts in my paper. What should I do?
I cannot upload due to the error: "document has fonts that require non-English language support". Can you help?
PDF test keeps saying "Type 0 Not embedded", what can I do to upload my file?
My PDF file is too big to upload. How can I reduce its size?
When I log into the system, I see no links to papers. How should I see items in my workspace?
I expect an e-mail message from the system but nothing arrives, why?
I submitted my paper, but there was no acknowledgement. How do I know if the paper reached you?
Compliant Conversion Issues
  What is compliant conversion?
After compliant conversion the system complains about a non-embedded font
Pdfs that were obtained by uploading a Word file have flawed equations
Error 1010 Could not open file
Error 1000 "******.doc" could not be converted to PDF
Timeout after 480 seconds
Pdf2compliant error: No output file
Hit Error Missing XObject
Word files with equations
Hit error A required 'Subtype' entry is missing