17th International Symposium on
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems
Kyoto International Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan, July 24-28, 2006

MTNS 2006 Paper Abstract


Paper TuA09.1

Laila, Dina Shona (Imperial Coll. London), Astolfi, Alessandro (Imperial Coll. London and Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata)

Sampled-Data Observer Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Applications

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Session "Sampled-data control I" (TuA09), Tuesday, July 25, 2006, 10:25−10:50, Room J

17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, July 24-28, 2006, Kyoto, Japan

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Keywords Estimation of nonlinear systems, Sampled-data control, Control of nonlinear systems


This paper studies a discrete-time state observer design problem for a class of nonlinear systems. The observer is a partial state observer, and it is constructed based on the Euler approximate model of the plant. The observer construction is very simple, in the sense that it requires only two steps measurement of the measurable states. It also forms a deadbeat observer of order two. For the class of systems we consider, it is proved that separation principle holds and hence the stabilization problem using output feedback is solvable. We present the application of our results to a class of port-controlled Hamiltonian systems. An example featuring an inverted pendulum which belongs to the class of Hamiltonian systems is provided. The observer design and stabilization design in this example illustrate the usefulness of our proposed design method.