17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems

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Last updated on June 19, 2006. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

MTNS 2006 Keyword Index

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Adaptive signal processing

ThA12.1, ThA12.2, TuP09.4, WeA10.1

Algebraic and differential geometry

FrA05.3, FrP05.2, FrP07.4, MoA07.1, MoA08.4, MoP11.3, MoP12.3, ThA07.1, ThA07.3, ThA07.4, ThA07.5, TuA07.2, TuA07.3, TuA07.4, TuA07.5, TuA12.3, TuP01.2, TuP05.1, TuP07.1, TuP13.2, WeA07.3, WeA07.4, WeA08.5

Algebraic systems theory

FrA05.1, FrP10.2, FrP11.4, MoA06.3, MoA13.3, MoP06.1, MoP12.1, MoP12.2, MoP12.3, MoP12.4, MoP12.5, MoP12.6, MoP13.1, MoP13.2, MoP13.4, ThA11.1, ThA11.3, ThA11.5, TuP09.5, TuP12.1, WeA05.4, WeA11.2, WeA11.4, WeA12.1, WeA12.3, WeA12.4, WeA12.5

Applications of adaptive control

ThA08.3, ThP06.1, TuP11.4, TuP11.5


ThP10.1, ThP10.2, ThP10.3, ThP10.4, ThP10.5, TuA08.5, TuP08.5



Behavioral approach to systems theory

FrA11.1, FrA11.2, FrA11.3, FrA11.4, FrA11.5, FrP11.2, FrP11.3, FrP11.4, FrP11.5, MoP05.2, MoP06.2, MoP06.3, MoP13.1, MoP13.2, MoP13.4, MoP13.5, ThA05.2, ThA11.1, ThA11.2, ThA11.5, ThP03.1, ThP06.3, ThP07.4, ThP13.3, WeA09.6, WeA12.1, WeA12.2, WeA12.3, WeA12.4

Biological systems analysis

FrA08.3, FrA10.5, FrP06.3, FrP10.4, MoP08.5, MoP10.2, MoP10.3, MoP10.4, MoP10.5, ThP09.3, TuP10.1, TuP10.2, TuP10.3, TuP10.4, TuP10.5, TuP10.6

Biological systems control

FrA06.5, FrP10.4, MoP10.1, TuP07.4, TuP10.1, TuP10.4, TuP10.5



Closed loop identification

MoP09.1, TuP09.5

Coding theory

MoA13.1, MoA13.2, MoA13.3, MoA13.4, ThA07.2, TuP08.1

Communication systems

FrA09.1, MoA08.1, MoA08.2, MoA08.3, MoA13.1, MoP01.2, ThA07.2, ThA08.1, TuA08.1, TuA08.2, TuA08.3, TuA08.4, TuA08.5, TuA13.4, WeA10.1

Control of distributed parameter systems

FrA06.1, FrA06.2, FrA06.3, FrA06.4, FrA08.2, FrA10.3, FrA12.1, MoA06.3, MoP06.1, MoP06.2, MoP06.3, MoP06.4, MoP06.5, ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.3, ThA06.4, ThA06.5, ThP06.1, ThP06.4, ThP06.5, TuA06.1, TuA06.2, TuA06.3, TuA06.4, TuA06.5, TuA11.2, TuA12.1, TuP06.1, TuP06.2, TuP06.4, TuP11.2, WeA06.1, WeA06.2, WeA06.3, WeA06.4, WeA08.4

Control of hybrid systems

MoA05.2, MoA05.3, MoA10.4, MoP08.5, ThA10.1, ThA10.2, ThP07.1, ThP07.2, ThP07.5, ThP11.3, TuA05.2, TuA05.3, TuP12.4, WeA05.2

Control of nonlinear systems

FrA06.5, FrP06.6, FrP10.2, FrP10.3, FrP10.5, FrP10.6, MoA05.4, MoA10.3, MoA11.2, MoA11.3, MoP07.1, MoP07.2, MoP07.5, MoP07.6, MoP11.1, MoP11.2, MoP11.4, MoP11.6, ThA09.1, ThA09.3, ThA10.4, ThP03.3, ThP04.1, ThP05.2, ThP06.3, ThP07.2, ThP08.3, ThP12.4, TuA06.2, TuA06.3, TuA09.1, TuA10.1, TuA10.3, TuA10.4, TuA12.2, TuA12.4, TuP01.4, TuP05.1, TuP05.2, TuP05.4, TuP05.6, TuP06.2, TuP07.1, TuP07.3, TuP11.1, TuP13.2, WeA08.5, WeA08.6, WeA13.1, WeA13.6

Control of stochastic systems

FrP08.1, FrP08.3, FrP08.4, FrP08.5, ThP04.4, TuP12.6
See also Stochastic systems

Convex optimization

FrA06.4, FrP01.2, FrP07.2, FrP09.2, FrP09.5, MoA07.2, MoA08.2, MoP05.1, MoP05.3, MoP08.4, ThA07.3, ThP12.2, ThP12.3, ThP12.4, ThP12.5, TuA07.2, TuA11.4, TuP09.2, TuP12.1, TuP12.2, TuP12.4, TuP12.5, WeA07.1, WeA07.4, WeA09.1, WeA10.3

Coordinated control

FrA08.3, FrA08.4, FrA08.5, FrA09.3, FrA09.4, MoA07.2, MoA11.1, MoP07.4, MoP10.1, ThA08.5, ThP11.1, ThP11.2, ThP11.3, ThP11.4, TuA05.5, TuA13.1, TuA13.2, TuA13.3, TuA13.5, TuP07.4, TuP07.6, WeA10.4
See also Group formation



Delay systems

FrA10.2, FrA10.3, FrP06.1, FrP06.2, FrP06.3, FrP06.4, FrP06.5, FrP06.6, FrP08.4, FrP12.3, MoA08.3, MoP01.1, ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA08.4, ThP06.2, ThP06.3, TuA08.2, TuA11.4, WeA11.5

Differential game

FrP08.2, FrP08.3, ThP04.4, ThP11.4
See also Optimal control

Discrete-time systems

FrA05.2, FrA06.1, FrP07.3, FrP08.5, FrP08.6, FrP13.5, FrP13.6, MoA12.3, MoA13.2, MoA13.3, MoP07.4, MoP09.3, ThP05.1, ThP10.4, TuA11.3, TuP09.6, TuP11.5, WeA05.3, WeA07.2, WeA11.2

Dynamic programming

FrP08.1, MoA05.1, MoA10.3, ThP07.2, ThP12.6, TuA10.1, TuP12.6, TuP13.6, WeA08.2
See also Optimal control



Estimation of distributed parameter systems

MoA06.2, ThP03.2, ThP06.1, TuP06.3

Estimation of nonlinear systems

MoP07.2, MoP10.4, ThP09.3, ThP09.5, TuA09.1, TuP07.2



Filtering and estimation

FrA09.5, MoA05.1, MoP10.3, ThA07.3, ThA12.4, ThP09.1, ThP09.4, TuA09.3, TuP09.2, TuP13.1, WeA09.3, WeA10.2, WeA10.5
See also Stochastic systems



Group formation

FrA08.4, FrA08.5, FrP09.2, MoA11.1, ThA08.5, TuA13.1, TuA13.2, TuA13.3, TuP13.3
See also Coordinated control



H2/H-infinity, L1 control

FrA05.1, FrA06.4, FrA12.2, FrA12.3, FrP01.1, FrP01.2, FrP01.3, FrP01.4, FrP03.2, FrP03.3, FrP13.5, MoA08.3, MoP13.3, ThA06.1, ThA06.3, ThA09.2, ThP01.2, ThP01.3, ThP01.4, ThP12.1, TuA10.3, TuP06.1, WeA12.2

Hybrid systems modelling

FrA09.2, ThP07.3, ThP07.4, TuA05.1, TuA05.4, TuA05.5, WeA05.1, WeA05.2, WeA05.3, WeA05.4, WeA05.5, WeA05.6, WeA10.1



Integral quadratic constraints

FrP06.5, FrP10.6, FrP13.2, MoA09.4, MoP13.5, ThP08.1, ThP12.2, ThP12.5

Iterative methods

MoP08.2, MoP12.1, ThA05.4, ThA07.4, ThA07.5, ThP01.1, ThP05.3, ThP13.2, TuA09.5, TuA12.1, TuP09.1, TuP13.6, WeA07.1, WeA07.2, WeA07.3, WeA07.5, WeA09.5



Large scale systems

FrP08.3, MoA09.1, MoA09.2, MoA09.3, MoA09.4, MoA12.1, ThA05.5, ThP03.2, ThP10.1, ThP10.4, TuA12.2, TuA12.3, TuA12.4, TuP05.5, TuP12.1, WeA07.4

Linear system identification

MoP05.1, MoP09.1, MoP09.2, MoP09.4, MoP09.5, ThA08.4, ThP03.4, TuP09.1, TuP09.2, TuP09.3, TuP09.4, TuP09.5, TuP09.6, WeA09.1, WeA09.2, WeA09.3, WeA09.4, WeA09.5, WeA09.6

Linear systems

FrA05.2, FrA05.4, FrA10.1, FrA10.2, FrA10.3, FrA10.4, FrA11.3, FrA11.5, FrA12.1, FrA12.5, FrP01.3, FrP03.2, FrP03.4, FrP05.3, FrP05.4, FrP06.2, FrP09.1, FrP09.5, FrP11.1, FrP11.2, FrP11.3, FrP13.3, FrP13.4, FrP13.6, MoA06.1, MoA06.3, MoA09.2, MoA12.1, MoA12.2, MoA12.3, MoA13.2, MoP05.2, MoP05.5, MoP06.4, MoP06.5, MoP09.3, MoP09.5, MoP12.4, MoP12.5, MoP13.1, ThA05.3, ThA05.4, ThA05.5, ThA06.5, ThA09.4, ThA10.1, ThA13.2, ThP01.1, ThP01.2, ThP03.4, ThP06.2, ThP08.2, ThP12.1, ThP13.1, ThP13.4, ThP13.5, ThP13.6, TuA11.2, TuA11.3, TuA11.5, TuP06.1, TuP09.1, TuP11.4, TuP11.5, TuP13.1, TuP13.3, TuP13.4, TuP13.5, WeA06.2, WeA11.1, WeA12.1, WeA12.4, WeA13.6



Medical applications

MoA06.2, MoP11.4, TuP10.5

Mixed integer programming

MoA11.4, TuA05.4, TuP12.4

Model predictive control

FrA08.2, FrA09.4, MoA10.1, MoA10.2, MoA10.3, MoA10.4, TuA05.5, TuA10.2, TuA10.4

Model reduction

FrP13.1, MoA12.2, MoP05.1, MoP05.2, MoP05.3, MoP05.4, MoP05.5, MoP05.6, ThA05.2, ThA05.3, ThA05.5, ThP03.1, ThP03.2, ThP03.3, ThP03.4, ThP06.2, ThP13.6, TuA12.2, TuA12.3, TuA12.4, TuP08.5, TuP12.3, WeA09.4

Model reference control

TuP01.4, TuP11.1, TuP11.2

Multidimensional systems

FrA05.2, FrA05.3, FrA05.4, FrA10.1, FrA10.2, FrA11.3, FrA12.2, FrA12.4, FrP05.1, FrP05.2, FrP05.3, FrP05.4, FrP11.1, FrP11.5, MoA09.2, MoA12.1, MoA12.4, MoP05.6, MoP09.4, MoP13.2, MoP13.3, MoP13.4, MoP13.5, ThA11.1, ThA11.2, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThA11.5, ThP01.4, ThP03.1, TuA07.2, TuA11.1, TuA11.2, TuA11.4, TuA11.5, WeA11.1, WeA11.2, WeA11.3, WeA11.4, WeA11.5, WeA11.6, WeA12.5

Multiobjective optimization

FrP09.4, FrP09.5, ThA07.5, WeA07.3, WeA09.5

Multirate signal processing

FrP09.3, FrP12.4, FrP12.5, ThA09.5, ThA12.4



Networked control

FrA08.2, FrA09.1, FrA09.2, FrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrP12.1, FrP12.2, FrP12.3, FrP12.4, FrP12.5, MoP01.1, ThA08.1, ThA08.2, ThA08.3, ThP08.1, ThP08.2, ThP08.3, ThP08.4, ThP08.5, ThP11.1, ThP11.2, ThP11.3, ThP11.4, TuA05.1, TuA08.2, TuA13.3, TuA13.4, TuP08.2, TuP08.3, TuP08.4, TuP08.5, WeA10.2, WeA10.3, WeA10.5

Networks and circuits

FrP09.3, MoA08.1, MoA08.4, MoP12.2, ThA12.3, ThP08.3, TuP12.2, WeA08.3, WeA08.5, WeA11.3

Neural networks

FrP08.4, MoP10.1, ThA12.1, ThA12.2, ThA12.3, ThA12.5, TuP01.1, TuP01.2, TuP01.3, TuP01.4, TuP11.3, TuP11.4

Non-holonomic systems

FrP10.3, MoA11.2, MoP07.2, MoP07.5, MoP11.3, TuP07.5

Nonlinear system identification

FrP10.4, ThA08.4, ThP09.1, ThP09.2, ThP09.3, TuP01.3, WeA05.3, WeA05.4, WeA05.5

Nonsmooth optimization

FrA06.2, MoP08.2, MoP11.2, ThA07.1, TuP12.3




FrA10.4, FrP03.3, FrP11.1, FrP12.1, MoP01.1, MoP07.1, MoP09.3, MoP09.5, ThA11.3, ThP09.4, ThP13.5, TuA08.5, TuA10.2, TuP07.2

Operator methods

FrA12.1, FrA12.2, FrA12.4, FrA12.5, FrP05.1, FrP05.2, FrP05.3, FrP05.4, FrP10.2, FrP13.3, MoA06.1, MoA06.2, MoA07.1, MoP06.1, MoP06.2, MoP06.4, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThA13.3, ThP01.2, TuA09.4, WeA06.2, WeA09.1

Optimal control

FrA06.5, FrP01.3, FrP01.4, FrP03.3, FrP08.1, FrP09.4, FrP13.1, MoP07.3, MoP10.3, MoP11.1, MoP11.2, MoP11.3, MoP11.4, MoP11.5, MoP11.6, ThA06.3, ThA09.4, ThP01.1, ThP01.4, ThP07.1, ThP07.5, ThP08.5, ThP12.4, ThP12.6, TuA05.2, TuA05.3, TuA09.3, TuA10.1, TuA10.5, TuP05.2, TuP06.3, TuP07.5, TuP12.5, TuP12.6, TuP13.2, WeA05.2, WeA07.2, WeA07.5, WeA08.1, WeA08.2, WeA08.6, WeA10.3
See also Dynamic programming, Differential game




FrP10.6, MoA08.4, MoA11.2, MoA11.3, MoA12.2, MoP06.3, ThA05.2, TuA06.3, TuP07.4, TuP13.5, WeA08.4

Periodic systems

FrA11.4, FrP08.6, FrP13.1, FrP13.2, FrP13.3, FrP13.4, FrP13.5, FrP13.6, MoA12.3, TuA09.4

Petri net

ThA08.1, ThP10.2, WeA11.4


FrP11.4, MoP11.1, ThP01.3, ThP04.1, ThP04.3, ThP04.4, TuA12.1, TuP06.2, TuP10.3, TuP13.5, WeA08.1, WeA08.2, WeA08.3, WeA12.3




FrP09.3, FrP10.3, FrP12.1, FrP12.2, FrP12.4, FrP12.5, TuP08.1, TuP08.2, TuP08.3, TuP09.6, WeA10.4

Quantum information theory

ThP04.2, WeA07.5



Randomized algorithm in system theory

MoP08.1, MoP08.4, MoP08.5, MoP08.6, ThA07.2, ThA10.3, ThP12.3

Robust adaptive control

FrP08.5, TuA06.5, TuP05.6, TuP11.2, TuP11.3, TuP11.6



Sampled-data control

FrA06.1, ThA09.1, ThA09.2, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThA09.5, TuA06.2, TuA09.1, TuA09.2, TuA09.3, TuA09.4, TuA09.5, TuA10.3, TuP09.4


MoA10.2, ThA08.5, ThA10.1, ThA10.3, ThA10.4


FrP06.1, FrP06.3, FrP07.3, FrP07.4, FrP10.1, FrP10.5, FrP12.3, MoA05.4, MoA11.3, MoP07.5, MoP07.6, ThA09.1, ThP05.2, ThP05.4, ThP07.3, ThP08.1, TuA08.3, TuA10.2, TuA10.4, TuP01.1, WeA13.3, WeA13.5

Stability analyisis

FrA08.3, FrP06.2, FrP07.1, FrP07.2, FrP07.3, FrP07.4, FrP07.5, FrP07.6, FrP10.1, FrP10.5, MoA05.3, MoA08.1, MoA09.1, MoA09.3, MoA10.1, ThA06.5, ThA07.4, ThA10.2, ThP05.5, ThP07.3, TuP01.1, TuP05.5, TuP05.6, TuP07.1, TuP08.2, TuP11.1, TuP11.3, WeA13.1, WeA13.2, WeA13.3, WeA13.4, WeA13.5, WeA13.6

Stability of stochastic systems

FrP08.6, ThP08.4, TuA05.1, TuP08.3
See also Stochastic systems

Statistical learning

MoP08.1, MoP08.3, MoP09.4, MoP10.5, WeA09.2

Stochastic systems

FrP08.2, MoA11.4, MoP09.1, MoP10.5, ThP04.1, ThP04.3, ThP09.1, ThP09.2, ThP09.4, ThP10.3, TuA09.5, TuA11.1, TuP13.6, WeA05.6, WeA09.3, WeA09.4
See also Filtering and estimation, Stability of stochastic systems, Control of stochastic systems

Sum of squares

FrP06.1, MoA07.1, MoA07.2, MoP01.4, ThP12.6, TuA07.1, TuA07.3, TuA07.4, TuA07.5, TuP05.2, WeA12.5, WeA13.1

Supervisory control

FrA09.2, ThP10.1, ThP10.2, ThP10.6, TuP05.3, TuP08.4

Switched systems

FrA05.1, MoA05.1, MoA05.2, MoA05.3, MoA05.4, MoP01.2, MoP01.3, MoP01.4, ThA10.2, TuA05.3, TuP11.6

Symbolic computations in systems theory

MoP05.4, MoP12.1, MoP13.3, WeA05.1

Systems on graphs

FrA08.1, FrA09.5, FrP09.2, MoA06.1, MoA09.3, MoA10.4, MoA12.4, MoP01.2, MoP01.3, MoP07.4, MoP12.2, MoP12.3, ThP08.5, ThP11.1, ThP11.2, TuA05.4, TuA13.1, TuA13.2, TuP10.3, TuP12.2, TuP13.3, WeA08.3



Uncertain systems

FrP01.4, FrP03.1, FrP03.4, FrP06.5, FrP07.2, FrP08.2, FrP09.1, FrP09.4, FrP13.2, MoA09.4, MoA10.1, MoP05.5, MoP07.6, MoP08.1, MoP08.4, MoP08.6, MoP10.2, ThA10.3, ThA11.4, ThP01.3, ThP03.3, ThP05.2, ThP07.5, ThP08.2, ThP08.4, ThP12.1, ThP12.2, ThP12.3, ThP13.6, TuA07.1, TuP05.5, TuP07.2, TuP10.1, TuP11.6