17th International Symposium on
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems
Kyoto International Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan, July 24-28, 2006

MTNS 2006 Paper Abstract


Paper TuP11.6

Choi, Jongeun (Univ. of California at Berkeley), Nagamune, Ryozo (Royal Inst. of Tech.), Horowitz, Roberto (Univ. of California at Berkeley)

Multiple Robust Controller Design Based on Parameter Dependent Lyapunov Functions

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Session "Adaptive and Learning Control" (TuP11), Tuesday, July 25, 2006, 17:25−17:50, Room 104a

17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, July 24-28, 2006, Kyoto, Japan

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Keywords Robust adaptive control, Uncertain systems, Switched systems


This paper tackles the problem of simultaneously designing a partition of an uncertain set and its corresponding set of multiple controllers that optimize the worst-case performance of a linear time invariant system under parametric uncertainty. The parametric uncertainty region is assumed to be convex polytopic, which is also partitioned into a set of convex polytopic local regions. It is desired that all plants that belong to a local region are to be controlled by a single controller, which is designed, based on a parameter dependent Lyapunov function, to give an optimal worst-case performance for that region. The total performance is evaluated as the maximum of worst-case performances for all the local regions. The performance is minimized with respect to a fixed number of convex polytopic local regions, as well as the same number of controllers. Even though the formulated problem is nonconvex, and thus it is difficult to ensure global optimality, descent algorithms are provided to update the local regions and the multiple controllers so that they guarantee monotonic non-increasing total performance.