17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems

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Last updated on June 19, 2006. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday July 27, 2006



Room A
Plenary Lecture IV Plenary Session
Chair: Khammash, MustafaUniv. of California, Santa Barbara

09:00-10:00, Paper ThAAPL.2

Signal Processing in Cellular Regulatory Networks: Physical Models, Formal Abstractions and Applications
Arkin, AdamUniv. of California Berkeley


Room F
Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems I Mini-Symposium
Chair: Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.
Organizer: Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.
Organizer: Van Dooren, Paul MichelUniv. Catholique de Louvain

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA05.1

Session Overview (I)
Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.
Van Dooren, Paul MichelUniv. Catholique de Louvain

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA05.2

Model Reduction by Retention of Stationary Trajectories (I)
minh, ha binhUniv. of Groningen
rapisarda, paoloUniv. of Southampton
trentelman, h.l.Univ. of Groningen

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA05.3

New Results on Interpolation and Model Reduction (I)
Mayo, AndrewRice Univ.
Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA05.4

Model Reduction and the Solution of Sylvester Equations (I)
Gallivan, KyleFlorida State Univ.
Van Dooren, Paul MichelUniv. Catholique de Louvain
Vandendorpe, AntoineUniv. Catholique de Louvain

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA05.5

A Rational Krylov Iteration for Optimal H2 Model Reduction (I)
Gugercin, SerkanVirginia Pol. Inst. and State Univ.
Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.
Beattie, Christoper A.Virginia Pol. Inst. and State Univ.


Room G
Distributed Parameter Systems-IV: Frequency Domain Approaches Mini-Symposium
Chair: Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente
Co-Chair: Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.
Organizer: Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.
Organizer: Demetriou, MichaelWorcester Pol. Inst.
Organizer: Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA06.1

H-Infinity Control for Unilateral Delay Systems: A State Space Approach (I)
Kojima, AkiraTokyo Metropolitan Univ.

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA06.2

Parameterization of Suboptimal Interpolants for the Nehari Problem (I)
Kashima, KenjiTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Yamamoto, YutakaKyoto Univ.
Ozbay, HitayBilkent Univ.

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA06.3

The LQR Optimal Control Is Weakly Coprime (I)
Mikkola, Kalle MikaelHelsinki Univ. of Tech.

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA06.4

Minimum-Phase Behaviour of Damped Second-Order Systems (I)
Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.
Morris, KirstenUniv. of Waterloo
Trunk, CarstenTech. Univ. Berlin

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA06.5

Asymptotic Stability of the Webster-Lokshin Model (I)


Room H
Geometric Optimisation in Systems and Control II Mini-Symposium
Chair: hueper, knutNational ICT Australia Ltd
Organizer: hueper, knutNational ICT Australia Ltd
Organizer: Helmke, UweUniv. of Wuerzburg

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA07.1

An Extension of the Classical Least Squares Method to Non-Euclidean Spaces (I)
Machado, LuísUniv. of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
Silva Leite, FatimaUniv. of Coimbra
hueper, knutNational ICT Australia Ltd

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA07.2

Good Packings in the Complex Stiefel Manifold Using Numerical Methods (I)
Han, GuangyueThe Univ. of British Columbia
Rosenthal, JoachimUniv. of Zurich

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA07.3

A Riemannain Framework for the Averaging, Smoothing and Interpolation of Some Matrix-Valued Data (I)
Moakher, MaherNational Engineering School at Tunis, Univ. of Tunis El-Manar

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA07.4

A Generalisation of the Oja Subspace Flow (I)
Webers, ChristfriedThe Australian National Univ.
Manton, Jonathan H.The Australian National Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA07.5

An Improved BFGS-On-Manifold Algorithm for Computing Weighted Low-Rank Approximations (I)
Brace, IanThe Univ. of Melbourne
Manton, JonathanThe Australian National Univ.


Room I
Control Over Networks Mini-Symposium
Chair: Juanole, Guy Univ. Paul Sabatier - Lab. LAAS-CNRS
Organizer: Juanole, Guy Univ. Paul Sabatier - Lab. LAAS-CNRS

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA08.1

Real Time Distributed Systems : QoS and Impact on the Performances of Process Control Applications (I)
JUANOLE, Guy LAAS-CNRS and Univ. Paul Sabatier Toulouse
MOUNEY, GérardLAAS-CNRS and Univ. Paul Sabatier Toulouse

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA08.2

Control Compensation Based on Upper Bound Delay in Networked Control Systems (I)
Vatanski, NikolaiHelsinki Univ. of Tech.

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA08.3

Adaptation of Control Parameters Based on QoS Monitoring (I)
LEPAGE, FrancisNancy Univ. CNRS
DIVOUX, ThierryNancy Univ. CNRS
MICHAUT, FabienNancy Univ. CNRS

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA08.4

On Line Identification of Systems with Delayed Inputs (I)
Belkoura, LotfiUniv. of Sciences and Tech. of Lille
Richard, Jean-PierreEc. Centrale de Lille
Fliess, MichelEc. Pol.

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA08.5

Towards Networked Control of Robots by Using Wi-Fi Technology (I)
Fraisse, PhilippeLIRMM, Univ. Montpellier II


Room J
Sampled-Data Control II Regular Session
Chair: Ito, YoshimichiOsaka Univ.
Co-Chair: Gruene, LarsUniv. of Bayreuth

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA09.1

Liapunov Interpolation
Bombrun, AlexINRIA Sophia

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA09.2

Step Disturbance Rejection Via Sampled-Data H-Infinity Control: Necessity of Internal Model
Fujioka, HisayaKyoto Univ. Graduate School of Informatics

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA09.3

High Order Approximations by Sampled-Data Feedback
Gruene, LarsUniv. of Bayreuth
Worthmann, KarlUniv. Bayreuth
Nesic, DraganThe Univ. of Melbourne

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA09.4

On Sensitivity Reduction Problems of Sampled-Data Systems--Performance Limitations and the Properties of Aliasing Factors
Ito, YoshimichiOsaka Univ.
Shirahama, HiroshiOsaka Univ.
Babaguchi, NoboruOsaka Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA09.5

Design of Hilbert Transform Pairs of Wavelet Bases Via LMI Optimization
Yu, RunyiEastern Mediterranean Univ.
Baradarani, AryazEastern Mediterranean Univ.


Room 103
Systems with Saturation and Deadzone Regular Session
Chair: LOZANO, RogelioUniv. de Compiegne
Co-Chair: Takaba, KiyotsuguKyoto Univ.

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA10.1

Discrete-Time Stabilization of Integrators in Cascade with Bounded Inputs and Delay
LOZANO, RogelioUniv. de Compiegne
Salazar-Cruz, SergioUniv. de Compiegne
Sanchez, AnandUniv. de Compiegne
FANTONI, IsabelleUniv. de Compiegne

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA10.2

Boundedness Analysis of Control System Having Dead-Zone
Tatsuya, MaedaUniv. of Electro-Communications
Nagashio, TomoyukiUniv. of Electro-Communications
Kida, TakashiUniv. of Electro-Communications

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA10.3

Computations of Probabilistic Output Admissible Set for Uncertain Constrained Systems
Hatanaka, TakeshiKyoto Univ.
Takaba, KiyotsuguKyoto Univ.

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA10.4

Constrained Control of Planar Systems Using Multi-Level Variable Saturation Function
Wada, NobutakaHiroshima Univ.
Saeki, MasamiHiroshima Univ.


Room 104a
Multidimensional Systems: Algebraic and Behavioral Approaches Mini-Symposium
Chair: Zerz, EvaRWTH Aachen Univ.
Organizer: Zerz, EvaRWTH Aachen Univ.

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA11.1

Using Morphism Computations for Factoring and Decomposing General Linear Functional Systems (I)
Cluzeau, ThomasINRIA Sophia Antipolis
Quadrat, AlbanINRIA Sophia Antipolis

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA11.2

Set-Controllability, Behavior Interconnection and Stabilization of Multidimensional Behaviors (I)
Rocha, PaulaUniv. of Aveiro

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA11.3

Fault Detection and Isolation of Two-Dimensional Systems (I)
Bisiacco, MauroUniv. of Padova
Valcher, Maria ElenaUniv. of Padova

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA11.4

A Direct-Construction Approach to Multidimensional Realization and LFR Uncertainty Modeling (I)
XU, LIAkita Prefectural Univ.
Fan, HuijinHuazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.
Lin, ZhipingNanyang Tech. Univ.
Bose, N. K.The Pennsyvania State Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA11.5

Recursive Computation of the Multidimensional MPUM (I)
Zerz, EvaRWTH Aachen Univ.


Room 104b
Neural Networks II Regular Session
Chair: Takahashi, SatoruKagawa Univ.
Co-Chair: Townley, StuartUniv. of Exeter

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA12.1

Bank Note Classifier Using Neural Networks
Omatu, SigeruOsaka Prefecture Univ.
Fujinaka, ToruOsaka Prefecture Univ.

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA12.2

Electric Nose System Using Metal Oxide Gas Sensors
Fujinaka, ToruOsaka Prefecture Univ.
Omatu, SigeruOsaka Prefecture Univ.

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA12.3

Dynamical Encoding, Learning and Control for Coupled Oscillator Systems
Townley, StuartUniv. of Exeter
Ashwin, PeterUniv. of Exeter
Wordsworth, JohnUniv. of Exeter

11:40-12:05, Paper ThA12.4

Radial Reach Filter and Its Application to Object Tracking
Wajima, NaoyaDepartment of Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering,Kagawa
Takahashi, SatoruKagawa Univ.
Itoh, MasayaHitachi Res. Lab. Hitachi, Ltd.
Satoh, YutakaNational Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech. (AIST)
Kaneko, Shun'ichiHokkaido Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper ThA12.5

Skill Assist Control of an Omni-Directional Wheelchair by Means of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Urbano Gutierrez, Juan BaltazarToyohashi Univ. of Tech.
Terashima, KazuhikoToyohashi Univ. of Tech.
Kitagawa, HideoGifu National Coll. of Tech.


Room 101
Block Operator Matrices and Systems Mini-Symposium
Chair: Behrndt, JussiTech. Univ. Berlin
Organizer: Behrndt, JussiTech. Univ. Berlin
Organizer: Langer, MatthiasUniv. of Strathclyde
Organizer: Trunk, CarstenTech. Univ. Berlin

10:25-10:50, Paper ThA13.1

Off-Diagonalisation of a Certain Class of Block Operator Matrices (I)
Winklmeier, MonikaUniv. of Bremen

10:50-11:15, Paper ThA13.2

Block Operator Matrices and Second-Order Systems (I)
Trunk, CarstenTech. Univ. Berlin
Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.

11:15-11:40, Paper ThA13.3

Scattering Systems and Characteristic Functions (I)
Behrndt, JussiTU Berlin
Malamud, Mark M.Donetsk National Univ.
Neidhardt, HagenWIAS Berlin


Room B2
Semi-Plenary Lecture VII Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Uchida, KenkoWaseda Univ.

13:55-14:55, Paper ThM01.1

Modeling and Systems Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks
Khammash, MustafaUniv. of California, Santa Barbara


Room C1
Semi-Plenary Lecture VIII Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Verriest, Erik I.Georgia Inst. of Tech.

13:55-14:55, Paper ThM02.1

Coordination and Persistence of Multi-Agent Systems
Blondel, VincentUniv. Catholique de Louvain


Room C2
Semi-Plenary Lecture IX Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Sugimoto, KenjiNara Inst. of Science and Tech.

13:55-14:55, Paper ThM03.1

Efficient Algorithms for Structured Matrices
Olshevsky, VadimUniv. of Connecticut


Room K
Semi-Plenary Lecture X Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Gray, W. StevenOld Dominion Univ.

13:55-14:55, Paper ThM04.1

Singular Value Analysis of Nonlinear Operators
Fujimoto, KenjiNagoya Univ.


Room B2
H2 and H-Infinity Control I Regular Session
Chair: Namerikawa, ToruKanazawa Univ.
Co-Chair: Kami, YasushiAkashi National Coll. of Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP01.1

Iterative Method for the Output Feedback H2 Control with Regional Pole Placement Constraint
Kami, YasushiAkashi National Coll. of Tech.
Nobuyama, EitakuKyushu Inst. of Tech.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP01.2

On the Classification of Solutions of the Continuos Time-Varying Riccati Inequality
Carpanese, NevioUniv. of Padova

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP01.3

An H-Infinity Control Considering Initial State Uncertainties of Controllers
Namerikawa, ToruKanazawa Univ.
Maruyama, KazunobuNagaoka Univ. of Tech.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP01.4

H2 Regulation Performance Limits for SIMO Feedback Control Systems
Bakhtiar, ToniThe Univ. of Tokyo
Hara, ShinjiThe Univ. of Tokyo


Room C1
Mini-Course on Polynomial Equations and Inequalities I Mini-Course Session

15:20-17:50, Paper ThP02.1

Semidefinite Programming Relaxations and Algebraic Optimization in Control
Parrilo, Pablo A.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Lall, SanjayStanford Univ.


Room C2
Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems II Mini-Symposium
Chair: Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.
Organizer: Antoulas, AthanasiosRice Univ.
Organizer: Van Dooren, Paul MichelUniv. Catholique de Louvain

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP03.1

An Algorithm for Galerkin Projections in Both Time and Spatial Coordinates (I)
Volkwein, StefanUniv. of Graz
Weiland, SiepEindhoven Univ. of Tech.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP03.2

Application of Least Squares MPE Technique in the Reduced Order Modeling of Electrical Circuits (I)
Astrid, PatriciaShell Global Solutions International B.V.
Verhoeven, ArieTech. Univ. Eindhoven

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP03.3

Uncertainty Equivalent Model Reduction (I)
Verriest, Erik I.Georgia Inst. of Tech.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP03.4

Positive Real Modeling of Ships for Dynamic Positioning (I)
Unneland, KariNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.
Egeland, OlavNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.


Room K
Quantum Systems Regular Session
Chair: Tsumura, KojiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: Pavon, MicheleUniv. of Padova

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP04.1

Local Reachability Analysis for Controlled Quantum Dynamics in Complex Matrix Form
Sasaki, TomotakeThe Univ. of Tokyo
Hara, ShinjiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Tsumura, KojiThe Univ. of Tokyo

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP04.2

Hashing Protocol for Multipartite Entanglement Distillation
Hostens, ErikKatholieke Univ. Leuven, ESAT-SCD
Jeroen, DehaeneKatholieke Univ. Leuven, ESAT-SCD
Bart, De MoorKatholieke Univ. Leuven, ESAT-SCD

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP04.3

Algebraic Characterizations of Dissipativity for Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems
James, MatthewAustralian National Univ.
Petersen, IanUNSW at ADFA

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP04.4

A Stochastic Control Problem Connected to the Measurement Process in Stochastic Mechanics
Pavon, MicheleUniv. of Padova


Room F
Nonlinear Control II Regular Session
Chair: Ito, HiroshiKyushu Inst. of Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP05.1

On the Dynamics of the Square Root Nonlinearity
Ascari, AldoPol. di Milano
Canevese, Silvia MariaPol. di Milano

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP05.2

A Generalized Small-Gain Formula for Nonlinear Interconnected Systems: An Equivalent of Iiss-ISS Small-Gain Condition
Ito, HiroshiKyushu Inst. of Tech.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP05.3

A Modified Branin Method
Astolfi, AlessandroImperial Coll. London and Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata
Bakri-Kasbah, AhmadImperial Coll. London
Laila, Dina ShonaImperial Coll. London

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP05.4

Numerical Computation of Dissipative Boundaries for Two-Dimensional Gradient-Like Morse-Smale Dynamical Systems
Izue, YukishigeHokkaido Univ.
Enomoto, RyujiToba National Coll. of Maritime Tech.
Yamashita, YuhHokkaido Univ.

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP05.5

Nonlinear Systems with Input Hysteresis: Output Tracking with Prescribed Transient Behaviour
Ilchmann, AchimTech. Univ. of Ilmenau
Logemann, HartmutUniv. of Bath
Ryan, Eugene PUniv. of Bath


Room G
Infinite Dimensional and Distributed Parameter Systems III Regular Session
Chair: Klamka, JerzySilesian Univ. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Glizer, Valery Y.Tech. Inst. of Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP06.1

Adaptive Observers of Distributed Parameter Systems of the Parabolic Type with Unknown Parameters
Ohmuro, AkiraHokkaido Univ.
Yamashita, YuhHokkaido Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP06.2

On First-Order Controllability Conditions for a Class of Singularly Perturbed Systems with Delays
Glizer, Valery Y.Tech. Inst. of Tech.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP06.3

Constrained Controllability of Semilinear Systems with Delay in Control
Klamka, JerzySilesian Univ. of Tech.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP06.4

Exact Boundary Controllability for a System of Coupled Non-Conservative Schrödinger Equations with Variable Coefficients
Rebiai, Salah-EddineUniv. of Batna
Allag, IsmahaneUniv. of Batna

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP06.5

Some Applications of the Method of Normal Fundamental Functions to Oscillation Problems
Mul, Olena V.Univ. of Aveiro
Torres, Delfim F. M.Univ. of Aveiro


Room H
Hybrid Systems II Regular Session
Chair: Collins, PieterCentrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
Co-Chair: Caines, Peter E.McGill Univ.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP07.1

Convergence Analysis of Hybrid Minimum Principle (HMP) Optimal Control Algorithms
Caines, Peter E.McGill Univ.
Shaikh, M. ShahidFAST-National Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP07.2

Optimal Stabilization of Hybrid Systems Using a Set Oriented Approach
Gruene, LarsUniv. of Bayreuth
Junge, OliverMunich Univ. of Tech.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP07.3

A Study on Discontinuous Dynamics of Electric Power System with DC Transmission
Susuki, YoshihikoKyoto Univ.
Hikihara, TakashiKyoto Univ.
Chiang, Hsiao-DongCornell Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP07.4

Generalised Hybrid Trajectory Spaces
Collins, PieterCentrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP07.5

Decentralized Control of Composite Uncertinty Systems: Adaptive State Fedback Synthesis
Dimirovski, Georgi MarkoDogus Univ.
Zhao, JunNortheastern Univ.
Zhang, XiaoliXiamen Univ.
Stefanovski, Jovan D.HS Strezevo J.P.Co.


Room I
Networked Control Regular Session
Chair: Shi, LingCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Gattami, AtherLund Univ.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP08.1

A Popov Criterion for Networked Systems
Jonsson, Ulf T.Royal Inst. of Tech.
Kao, Chung-YaoUniv. of Melbourne
Fujioka, HisayaKyoto Univ. Graduate School of Informatics

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP08.2

Disturbance Rejection with Information Constraints
Shingin, HidenoriOsaka Univ.
Ohta, YoshitoOsaka Univ.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP08.3

Controlling Travelling Pulses in Actuator Arrays
Palamakumbura, G. W. R. M. RathnamaliTexas Tech. Univ.
Maithripala, D. H. SanjeevaTexas Tech. Univ.
Dayawansa, WijesuriyaTexas Tech. Univ.
Inaba, HiroshiTokyo Denki Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP08.4

Towards Robust Control Over a Packet Dropping Network
Shi, LingCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Epstein, Michael EpsteinCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Murray, RichardCalifornia Inst. of Tech.

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP08.5

Distributed Stochastic Control: A Team Theoretic Approach
Gattami, AtherLund Univ.


Room J
Nonlinear Estimation and Identification Regular Session
Chair: Vidyasagar, MathukumalliTata Consultancy Servies

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP09.1

A Realization Theory for Hidden Markov Models: The Partial Realization Problem
Vidyasagar, MathukumalliTata Consultancy Services

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP09.2

Least Square Estimation of a Hidden Markov Chain Parameters
Murakami, JunkoVictoria Univ. of Wellington
Taylor, ThomasArizona State Univ.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP09.3

Identification of Unknown Functions in Dynamic Systems
Binczak, StéphaneUniv. of Burgundy
Busvelle, EricUniv. of Burgundy
Gauthier, Jean-PaulUniv. of Burgundy
Jacquir, SabirUniv. of Burgundy

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP09.4

Log-Concave Observers
Henningsson, ToivoLund Univ.
Åström, Karl JohanLund Univ.

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP09.5

Distributed Sensor Network for Target Tracking
Cheng, DaizhanChinese Acad. of Sciences
Ghosh, BijoyWashington Univ.
Hu, XiaomingRoyal Inst. of Tech.


Room 103
Formal Methods for Discrete-Event Systems Mini-Symposium
Chair: Takai, ShigemasaKyoto Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Wenck, FlorianRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Organizer: Wenck, FlorianRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Organizer: Takai, ShigemasaKyoto Inst. of Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP10.1

On the Behavior of Partially-Strict Composed Discrete-Event Systems (I)
Wenck, FlorianRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Carvalho da Silva Neto, Francisco de AssisUniv. Federal de Santa Catarina

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP10.2

Representing Composition Operators of Automata by Petri Nets (I)
von Drathen, ArneHamburg Univ. of Tech.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP10.3

Fault Diagnosis of Event-Driven Control Systems Based on Timed Markov Model with Maximum Entropy Estimation (I)
Saito, MitsuoNagoya Univ.
Suzuki, TatsuyaNagoya Univ.
Inagaki, ShinkichiNagoya Univ.
Aoki, TakeshiNagoya Municipal Industrial Res. Inst.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP10.4

Unidirectional Coordinated Diagnosis of Automata Networks (I)
Neidig, JörgRuhr-Univ. Bochum
Lunze, JanRuhr-Univ. Bochum

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP10.5

Formal Detection of Automation Surprises in Discrete Event Systems with Linear-Time Temporal Logic Manual (I)
Takahashi, SatoshiOsaka Univ.
Ushio, ToshimitsuOsaka Univ.
Adachi, MasakazuGraduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ.

17:25-17:50, Paper ThP10.6

Supervisory Control of Switched DES (I)
Rakoto-Ravalontsalama, NalyEc. des Mines de Nantes


Room 104a
Control and Estimation of Multiagent Systems Mini-Symposium
Chair: Zampieri, SandroUniv. di Padova
Organizer: Zampieri, SandroUniv. di Padova

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP11.1

Sequential Localization of Networks (I)
Fang, JiaYale Univ.
Cao, MingYale Univ.
Morse, A. StephenYale Univ.
Anderson, Brian D OAustralian National Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP11.2

The Fastest Random Search of a Class of Building Interiors (I)
Baillieul, JohnBoston Univ.
Grace, JeremyBoston Univ.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP11.3

Hierarchical Containment Control in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks (I)
Ji, MengGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Egerstedt, MagnusGeorgia Inst. of Tech.
Ferrari-Trecate, GiancarloUniv. degli Studi di Pavia
Buffa, AnnalisaC.N.R.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP11.4

On the Performance of Randomized Communication Topologies for Rendezvous Control of Multiple Vehicles (I)
Schenato, LucaUniv. of Padova
Zampieri, SandroUniv. di Padova


Room 104b
Convex Optimization I Regular Session
Chair: Scherer, CarstenDelft Univ. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Peaucelle, DimitriLAAS-CNRS

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP12.1

General Polynomial Parameter-Dependent Lyapunov Functions for Polytopic Uncertain Systems
Peaucelle, DimitriLAAS-CNRS
Ebihara, YoshioKyoto Univ.
Arzelier, DenisLAAS-CNRS
Hagiwara, TomomichiKyoto Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP12.2

Robust Estimation with Dynamic Integral Quadratic Constraints
Scherer, CarstenDelft Univ. of Tech.
Kose, I. EmreBogazici Univ.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP12.3

Efficient Randomized Algorithms for Robust Feasibility Problems
Wada, TakayukiKobe Univ.
Fujisaki, YasumasaKobe Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP12.4

On Regularity of Optimal Controls for State Constrained Problems
Shvartsman, IlyaUniv. of Bath
Vinter, Richard B.Imperial Coll.

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP12.5

A Change-Of-Variables Method for Output Feedback Synthesis of Descriptor Systems Based on Realization-Independent LMIs
Masubuchi, IzumiHiroshima Univ.

17:25-17:50, Paper ThP12.6

Computation of Approximate Value Functions for Constrained Control Problems
Wernrud, AndreasLund Univ.


Room 101
Linear Systems II Regular Session
Chair: Saeki, MasamiHiroshima Univ.
Co-Chair: watanabe, keijiyamagata Univ.

15:20-15:45, Paper ThP13.1

Properties of Stabilizing PID Gain Set in Parameter Space
Saeki, MasamiHiroshima Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper ThP13.2

Numerical Methods for Solving Inverse Eigenvalue Problems for Nonnegative Matrices
Orsi, RobertAustralian National Univ.
Yang, KaiyangAustralian National Univ.

16:10-16:35, Paper ThP13.3

An Embedding Algorithm for Polynomial Matrices Tested Numerically
Zavala Yoe, RicardoUniv. of Groningen
Praagman, KeesUniv. of Groningen
trentelman, harry l.Univ. of Groningen

16:35-17:00, Paper ThP13.4

Dynamical Feedback for Stable Decoupling Control of Multivariable Systems with Unstable Zeroes
watanabe, keijiyamagata Univ.
WANG, RUIYamagata Univ.

17:00-17:25, Paper ThP13.5

Observers for Linear Positive Systems
Hardin, HannaVrije Univ.
van Schuppen, Jan H.CWI

17:25-17:50, Paper ThP13.6

On the Angular Metrics between Linear Subspaces
Qiu, LiHong Kong Univ. of Science & Tech.
Zhang, YanxiaBeijing Inst. of Tech.