17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems

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Last updated on June 19, 2006. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Monday July 24, 2006



Room A
Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lecture I Plenary Session
Chair: Yamamoto, YutakaKyoto Univ.

09:25-10:25, Paper MoAAPL.2

Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences: Past and Future
Hironaka, HeisukeUniv. of Creation


Room F
Switched Systems I Regular Session
Chair: Zhai, GuishengOsaka Prefecture Univ.
Co-Chair: De Santis, ElenaUniv. of L'Aquila

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA05.1

Observer Synthesis for Switched Discrete-Time Linear Systems Using Relaxed Dynamic Programming
Alriksson, PeterLund Univ.
Rantzer, AndersLund Univ.

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA05.2

Detectability-Based State Space Reductions for Hybrid Systems
De Santis, ElenaUniv. of L'Aquila
Di Benedetto, Maria DomenicaUniv. of L'Aquila
Pola, GiordanoUniv. of L'Aquila

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA05.3

Results on Practical Asymptotic Stabilizability of Switched Affine Systems
Xu, XupingPenn State Erie
Zhai, GuishengOsaka Prefecture Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA05.4

Global Asymptotic Stabilization of Multi-Input Affine Systems by Using Control Lyapunov-Morse Function
Tsuzuki, TakayukiHokkaido Univ.
Yamashita, YuhHokkaido Univ.


Room G
Infinite Dimensional and Distributed Parameter Systems I Regular Session
Chair: Sasane, AmolLondon School of Ec.

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA06.1

Composition of Infinite-Dimensional Linear Dirac-Type Structures
Kurula, MikaelAbo Akademi Univ.
van der Schaft, ArjanUniv. of Groningen
Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA06.2

Cauchy Problems and Best Approximation by Analytic Functions in 2 or 3 Dimensions
Leblond, JulietteINRIA Sophia-Antipolis

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA06.3

On the Coherence of Some Irrational Transfer Function Classes
Sasane, AmolLondon School of Ec.


Room H
Polynomial Inequalities and Applications I Mini-Symposium
Chair: Helton, J. WilliamUC San Diego
Co-Chair: Putinar, MihaiUniv. of California
Organizer: Helton, J. WilliamUC San Diego
Organizer: Parrilo, Pablo A.Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.
Organizer: Putinar, MihaiUniv. of California

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA07.1

Linear Matrix Inequalities vs Convex Matrix Inequalities and Transformations to Them (I)
Helton, J. WilliamUC San Diego

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA07.2

Linear Programming Relaxations for Decentralized Control of Markov Decision Processes (I)
Lall, SanjayStanford Univ.


Room I
Networks Regular Session
Chair: Johansson, BjörnRoyal Inst. of Tech.

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA08.1

Scalable and Distributed Control Laws for Network Flow Optimization
Chen, HuigangUniv. of Maryland
Baras, JohnUniv. of Maryland Coll. Park

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA08.2

Distributed Cross-Layer Optimization of Data Networks Using Decomposition Techniques
Johansson, BjörnRoyal Inst. of Tech.
Johansson, MikaelRoyal Inst. of Tech.

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA08.3

Robust Controller Design for Multiple Time-Delay Systems: The Case of Data-Communication Networks
Ünal, Hakkı UlaşAnadolu Univ.
Iftar, AltugAnadolu Univ.
Ozbay, HitayBilkent Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA08.4

Energy-Conserving Formulation of RLC-Circuits with Linear Resistors
Eberard, DamienUniv. of Lyon
Maschke, BernhardUniv. Claude Bernard de Lyon
van der Schaft, ArjanUniv. of Groningen


Room J
Large Scale Systems Regular Session
Chair: Fraanje, RufusDelft Univ. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Petersen, IanUNSW at ADFA

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA09.1

An ISS Lyapunov Function for Networks of ISS Systems
Dashkovskiy, SergeyUniv. of Bremen
Rüffer, Björn SebastianUniv. Bremen
Wirth, Fabian R.National Univ. of Ireland at Maynooth

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA09.2

Optimal Control for Spatial Canonical Multidimensional (nD) Systems Via Distributed Decoupling
Fraanje, RufusDelft Univ. of Tech.
Verhaegen, MichelDelft Univ. of Tech.

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA09.3

Discrete Time Monotone Systems: Criteria for Global Asymptotic Stability and Applications
Rüffer, Björn S.Univ. Bremen
Wirth, Fabian R.National Univ. of Ireland at Maynooth
Dashkovskiy, Sergey N.Univ. of Bremen

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA09.4

Robust H Infinity Control of an Uncertain System Via a Stable Decentralized Output Feedback Controller
Petersen, IanUNSW at ADFA


Room 103
Model Predictive Control I Regular Session
Chair: Gruene, LarsUniv. of Bayreuth
Co-Chair: Kojima, AkiraTokyo Metropolitan Univ.

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA10.1

Min-Max Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Guaranteed Input-To-State Stability
Lazar, MirceaEindhoven Univ. of Tech.
Muñoz de la Peña, DavidUniv. of California, Los Angeles
Heemels, MauriceEindhoven Univ. of Tech.
Alamo, TeodoroUniv. de Sevilla

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA10.2

On-Line Design Method of Compensation Law for Constrained Systems Based on Generalized Singular Value Decomposition of Linear Systems
Hara, NaoyukiTokyo Metropolitan Univ.
Kojima, AkiraTokyo Metropolitan Univ.

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA10.3

Suboptimality Estimates for Receding Horizon Controllers
Gruene, LarsUniv. of Bayreuth
Rantzer, AndersLund Univ.

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA10.4

Graph-Based Model Predictive Control of a Planar Bipedal Robot
Tazaki, YuichiTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Inst. of Tech.


Room 104a
Control Applications Regular Session
Chair: Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.Delft Univ. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Banavar, Ravi NIndian Inst. of Tech.

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA11.1

Robust Combined Position and Formation Control for Marine Surface Craft
Ihle, Ivar-AndreNorwegian Univ. of Tech. and Science (NTNU)
Jouffroy, JeromeNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.
Fossen, Thor IngeNorwegian Univ. of Science and Tech.

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA11.2

The IDA-PBC Methodology Applied to a Gantry Crane
Banavar, RaviIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay
Kazi, FarukIndian Inst. of Tech.
Ortega, romeosupelec
Manjarekar, NarayanIndian Inst. of Tech. Bombay

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA11.3

Parallel Damping Injection for the Quarter Car Suspension System.
Scherpen, Jacquelien M.A.Delft Univ. of Tech.
Jeltsema, DimitriDelft Univ. of Tech.
Maulny, FrancoisEc. Centrale de Nantes

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA11.4

Stochastic Models for Air Cargo Terminal Shift Setting and Manpower Supply Planning in Long-Term Operations
Yan, ShangyaoNational Central Univ.
Chen, Chia-HungNational Central Univ.
Chen, MiawjaneNational United Univ.


Room 104b
New Directions and Problems in Operator Theory and System Theory Mini-Symposium
Chair: Alpay, DanielBen-Gurion Univ. of the Negev
Organizer: Alpay, DanielBen-Gurion Univ. of the Negev

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA12.1

Hierarchical Semi-Separable Systems: The State Space Structure (I)
Dewilde, PatrickDelft Univ. of Tech.

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA12.2

On the H2 Rational Approximation of Markov Matrix-Valued Functions (I)
Baratchart, LaurentINRIA

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA12.3

A Character-Automorphic Hardy Spaces Approach to Discrete-Time Scale-Invariant Systems (I)
MBOUP, MamadouUniv. Rene Descartes - Paris 5

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA12.4

Prediction of Stochastic Processes on Trees (I)
Volok, DanThe Weizmann Inst. of Science
Alpay, DanielBen-Gurion Univ. of the Negev


Room 101
Coding Theory Regular Session
Chair: Blondel, VincentUniv. Catholique de Louvain
Co-Chair: Schneider, GertUniv. of Groningen

10:50-11:15, Paper MoA13.1

Channel Capacity Subject to Frequency Domain Normed Uncertainties - SISO and MIMO Cases
Denic, StojanUniv. of Ottawa, Canada; also with Univ. Cyprus
Charalambous, CharalambosUniv. of Cyprus
Djouadi, SeddikUniv. of Tennessee

11:15-11:40, Paper MoA13.2

Some Applications of the Inclusion Principle to Convolutional Codes
Climent, JosepUniv. d'Alacant
Herranz, VictoriaUniv. Miguel Hernández de Elche
PEREA, CARMENUniv. Miguel Hernández. Centro de InvestigaciónOperativa

11:40-12:05, Paper MoA13.3

Convolutional Codes As Discrete-Time Systems and Their Adjacency Matrix
Gluesing-Luerssen, HeideUniv. of Groningen
Schneider, GertUniv. of Groningen

12:05-12:30, Paper MoA13.4

On the Complexity of Computing the Capacity of Codes That Avoid Forbidden Difference Patterns
Blondel, VincentUniv. Catholique de Louvain
Jungers, RaphaëlUniv. catholique de Louvain
Protasov, VladimirMoscow State Univ.


Room B2
Semi-Plenary Lecture I Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Fujisaki, YasumasaKobe Univ.

13:55-14:55, Paper MoM01.3

Deterministic and Randomized Algorithms for Systems and Control: Benefits and Pitfalls
Tempo, RobertoPol. di Torino


Room C1
Semi-Plenary Lecture II Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Hagiwara, TomomichiKyoto Univ.

13:55-14:55, Paper MoM02.1

Passive Network Synthesis Revisited
Smith, MalcolmUniv. of Cambridge


Room C2
Semi-Plenary Lecture III Semi-Plenary Session
Chair: Ohtsuka, ToshiyukiOsaka Univ.

13:55-14:55, Paper MoM03.1

Nonlinear Output Regulation: A Reasoned Overview and New Developments
Marconi, LorenzoUniv. of Bologna


Room B2
Switched Systems II Regular Session
Chair: Akar, MehmetNational Univ. of Ireland
Co-Chair: Kogiso, KiminaoNara Inst. of Science and Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP01.1

Design of a Gain Switching Observer for Networked Control Systems under Random Delay
Nakamura, YukinoriNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Kogiso, KiminaoNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Sugimoto, KenjiNara Inst. of Science and Tech.

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP01.2

Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Akar, MehmetHamilton Inst.
Shorten, RobertHamilton Inst.

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP01.3

Controllability and Reachability of Switched Positive Systems
Santesso, PaoloUniv. of Padua
Valcher, Maria ElenaUniv. of Padova

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP01.4

On L2 Error Bounds between Systems
Salinas-Varela, Adrian AlbertoUniv. of Cambridge
Papachristodoulou, AntonisUniv. of Oxford
Goncalves, JorgeUniv. of Cambridge


Room C1
Mini-Course on Hybrid Control Systems I Mini-Course Session

15:20-17:50, Paper MoP02.1

Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Hybrid Control Systems
Hespanha, Joao PedroUniv. of California, Santa Barbara
Teel, AndrewUniv. of California, Santa Barbara


Room C2
Mini-Course on Behavioral System Theory I Mini-Course Session

15:20-17:50, Paper MoP03.1

The Behavioral Approach to Systems Theory
Rapisarda, PaoloUniv. of Southampton
Willems, Jan C.K.U. Leuven


Room F
Model Reduction Regular Session
Chair: Markovsky, IvanK.U.Leuven
Co-Chair: Sznaier, MarioPenn State Univ.

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP05.1

Transfer Function Approximation and Identification Using Magnitude and Phase Criteria
Sandberg, HenrikCalifornia Inst. of Tech.
Lanzon, AlexanderThe Australian National Univ.
Anderson, Brian D OAustralian National Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP05.2

Model Reduction of Symmetric Dynamical Systems
Vettori, PaoloUniv. de Aveiro

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP05.3

On H-Infinity Model Reduction for Discrete-Time LTI Systems Using LMIs
Ebihara, YoshioKyoto Univ.
Hirai, YoshitoKyoto Univ.
Hagiwara, TomomichiKyoto Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP05.4

H_infty Model Reduction Using Quantifier Elimination
Kanno, MasaakiJapan Science and Tech. Agency
Anai, HirokazuFujitsu Lab. ltd

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP05.5

An Algorithm for Approximate Common Divisor Computation
Markovsky, IvanK.U.Leuven
Van Huffel, SabineKatholieke Univ. Leuven

17:25-17:50, Paper MoP05.6

Finite Horizon Model Reduction of Periodic 2-D Systems with Applications to Texture Synthesis and Classification.
Ding, TaoThe Pennsylvania State Univ.
Sznaier, MarioPenn State Univ.
Camps, OctaviaPenn State Univ.


Room G
Distributed Parameter Systems-I: Operator Theoretic Methods Mini-Symposium
Chair: Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente
Organizer: Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.
Organizer: Demetriou, MichaelWorcester Pol. Inst.
Organizer: Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP06.1

Unbounded Perturbations in Lyapunov Equations (I)
Emirsajlow, ZbigniewSzczecin Univ. of Tech.

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP06.2

Affine Input/State/Output Representations of State/Signal Systems (I)
Arov, Damir ZSouth-Ukrainian Pedagogical Univ.
Staffans, OlofÅbo Akademi

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP06.3

H-Passive Linear Discrete Time Invariant State/Signal Systems (I)
Staffans, OlofÅbo Akademi
Arov, Damir ZSouth-Ukrainian Pedagogical Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP06.4

Boundary Control for a Class of Dissipative Differential Operators Including Diffusion Systems (I)
Villegas, Javier AndresUniv. of Twente
Le Gorrec, YannUniv. Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente
Maschke, BernhardUniv. Claude Bernard de Lyon

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP06.5

On Approximate Observability of Strongly Stable Systems (I)
Jacob, BirgitDelft Univ. of Tech.
Zwart, HansUniv. of Twente


Room H
Robotic Systems Regular Session
Chair: Aguesse, HenriBoston Univ.
Co-Chair: Banavar, Ravi NIndian Inst. of Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP07.1

Observability and Active Observers for Mobile Robotic Systems
Anisi, David A.Royal Inst. of Tech. (KTH)
Hu, XiaomingRoyal Inst. of Tech. (KTH)

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP07.2

Output Feedback Stabilization of a Mobile Robot
Sankaranarayanan, VelupillaiIndian Inst. of Tech.
Banavar, Ravi NIIT Bombay

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP07.3

Nonholonomic Interpolation: A General Methodology for Motion Planning in Robotics
Berret, BastienUniv. of Burgandy
Gauthier, Jean-PaulUniv. of Burgandy,
Zakalyukin, VladimirMoscow state Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP07.4

Minimum-Time Consensus for Autonomous Swarm Systems
Aguesse, HenriBoston Univ.
Wang, Hua O.Boston Univ.
Tanaka, KazuoUniv. of Electro-Communications, Tokyo

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP07.5

Stability of 3-D Object Grasping under the Gravity and Nonholonomic Constraints
Arimoto, SuguruRitsumeikan Univ.
Yoshida, MorioRitsumeikan Univ.
Bae, Ji-HunRitsumeikan Univ.

17:25-17:50, Paper MoP07.6

Robust Posture Stabilization of Wheeled Mobile Robots in Polar Coordinates
Chwa, DongkyoungAjou Univ.


Room I
Randomized and Probabilistic Techniques for Complex Systems Design Mini-Symposium
Chair: Oishi, YasuakiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Co-Chair: Fujisaki, YasumasaKobe Univ.
Organizer: Oishi, YasuakiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Organizer: Fujisaki, YasumasaKobe Univ.

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP08.1

Randomized Techniques for Robust Control (I)
Oishi, YasuakiThe Univ. of Tokyo
Fujisaki, YasumasaKobe Univ.

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP08.2

Model-Based Randomized Methods for Global Optimization (I)
Fu, MichaelUniv. of Maryland
Marcus, StevenUniv. of Maryland
Hu, JiaqiaoUniv. of Maryland

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP08.3

Bayesian Probabilistic Models for Data Partitioning and Their Applications (I)
Ueda, NaonoriNTT Communication Science Lab.

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP08.4

Cutting Plane Methods for Probabilistically-Robust Feasibility Problems (I)
Calafiore, GiuseppePol. di Torino

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP08.5

Probabilistic Approach to Controllable State Set Problem of Hybrid Systems and Its Application to Luminescence Bacterium (I)
Azuma, Shun-ichiKyoto Univ.
Yanagisawa, Eriko Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Inst. of Tech.

17:25-17:50, Paper MoP08.6

On the Complete Instability of Interval Polynomials (I)
Dabbene, FabrizioPol. di Torino
Polyak, BorisRussian Acad. of Sciences
Tempo, RobertoPol. di Torino


Room J
Linear System Identification I Regular Session
Chair: Oku, HiroshiOsaka Inst. of Tech.

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP09.1

Closed-Loop Subspace Model Identification Based on QR-Factorization
Oku, HiroshiOsaka Inst. of Tech.
Ogura, YasukoOsaka Inst. of Tech.
Fujii, TakaoFukui Univ. of Tech.

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP09.2

Yule-Walker Equations in the Frisch Scheme Solution of Errors-In-Variables Identification Problems
Diversi, RobertoUniv. of Bologna
Guidorzi, RobertoUniv. of Bologna
Soverini, UmbertoUniv. of Bologna

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP09.3

Simultaneous Observation of States and Unknown Inputs for Discrete-Time Linear Systems
Ono, TakahikoHiroshima City Univ.
Ishihara, TadashiFukushima Univ.

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP09.4

ICA Based Blind Identification Via Exact Parameterization
Nitta, MasuhiroNara Inst. of Science and Tech.
Sugimoto, KenjiNara Inst. of Science and Tech.

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP09.5

Illustrating an Inverse-Based Failure Detection and Identification Technique Based on Reconstruction of Unknown-Inputs
MALABRE, MichelCNRS- UMR6597, (Ec. Centrale - Ec. de Mines - Univ. de Nantes


Room 103
Biological Systems Regular Session
Chair: Iwasaki, TetsuyaUniv. of Virginia

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP10.1

State Pattern Generation of Rectifier Systems by Circulant Neuronal Oscillators
Chen, ZhiyongUniv. of Virginia
Iwasaki, TetsuyaUniv. of Virginia

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP10.2

Robustness Tools for Stage-Structured Population Dynamics
Townley, StuartUniv. of Exeter
Hodgson, DavidUniv. of Exeter
McCarthy, DominicUniv. of Exeter

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP10.3

Duality of Minimum-Variance End-Point Error Model of Voluntary Movement
Shirane, KazutoTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Imura, Jun-ichiTokyo Inst. of Tech.

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP10.4

Relating Cross Gramians and Sensitivity Analysis in Systems Biology
Streif, StefanMax-Planck-Inst. für Biochemie, Martinsried
Findeisen, RolfUniv. of Stuttgart
Bullinger, EricNational Univ. of Ireland, Maynooth

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP10.5

The 4M (Mixed Memory Markov Model) Algorithm for Stochastic Modelling Over a Finite Alphabet with Applications to Gene-Finding Algorithms
Vidyasagar, MathukumalliTata Consultancy Services


Room 104a
Recent Developments in Optimal Control: Theory and Applications Mini-Symposium
Chair: Schaettler, HeinzWashington Univ.
Co-Chair: Ledzewicz, UrszulaSouthern Illinois Univ.
Organizer: Schaettler, HeinzWashington Univ.
Organizer: Ledzewicz, UrszulaSouthern Illinois Univ.

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP11.1

Optimization Techniques for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: A Practical Point of View (I)
Chyba, MoniqueUniv. of Hawaii
Haberkorn, ThomasUniv. of Hawaii

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP11.2

Chattering Variations, Finitely Additive Measures, and the Nonsmooth Maximum Principle with State Space Constraints (I)
Sussmann, HectorRutgers Univ.

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP11.3

Minimum Time Optimality for a Multi--Input Control System: Second Order Sufficient Conditions (I)
Poggiolini, LauraUniv. di Firenze
Stefani, GiannaUniv. di Firenze

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP11.4

Application of Optimal Control to a System Describing Tumor Anti-Angiogenesis (I)
Ledzewicz, UrszulaSouthern Illinois Univ.
Schaettler, HeinzWashington Univ.

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP11.5

A Derivation of Second Order Conditions for Mixed Constrained Optimal Control Problems (I)
de Pinho, Maria do RosárioFaculdade de Engenharia da Univ. do Porto
Rosenblueth, Javier FNational Autonomous Univ. of Mexico

17:25-17:50, Paper MoP11.6

Regularizations of Optimal Control Problems for Control-Affine Systems (I)
Guerra, ManuelISEG/Tech. Univ. of Lisbon
Sarychev, AndreyUniv. di Firenze


Room 104b
Algebraic Systems Theory Regular Session
Chair: Nishida, GouTokyo Inst. of Tech.
Co-Chair: Ito, NaoharuNara Univ. of Education

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP12.1

On Computing of Positive Integer Powers for One Type of Scew-Symmetric Matrices
Rimas, JonasKaunas Univ. of Tech.

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP12.2

Linear Iterations on Ordered Semirings for Trust Metric Computation and Attack Resiliency Evaluation
Theodorakopoulos, GeorgeUniv. of Maryland
Baras, JohnUniv. of Maryland Coll. Park

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP12.3

Global Boundary Connection of Stokes-Dirac Structures for Morse-Smale Flows on Compact Manifolds
Nishida, GouThe Inst. of Physical and Chemical Res.
Yamakita, MasakiTokyo Tech. / RIKEN
Luo, ZhiweiKobe Univ. / RIKEN

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP12.4

Disturbance Rejection by Dynamic Observation Feedback for Systems Over Principal Ideal Domains
Ito, NaoharuNara Univ. of Education

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP12.5

Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Control Scheme Based on Characteristic Transfer Matrices
Eisaka, ToshioKitami Inst. of Tech.

17:25-17:50, Paper MoP12.6

Determination of Linear Relations from Real Data in the Frisch Scheme Context
Guidorzi, RobertoUniv. of Bologna
Diversi, RobertoUniv. of Bologna


Room 101
Symbolic Methods in Multidimensional Systems Theory Mini-Symposium
Chair: Quadrat, AlbanINRIA Sophia Antipolis
Organizer: Quadrat, AlbanINRIA Sophia Antipolis

15:20-15:45, Paper MoP13.1

Algebraic Systems Theory and Computer Algebraic Methods for Some Classes of Linear Control Systems (I)
Zerz, EvaRWTH Aachen
Levandovskyy, ViktorRISC Linz

15:45-16:10, Paper MoP13.2

Computing Invariants of Multidimensional Linear Systems on an Abstract Homological Level (I)
Barakat, MohamedRWTH-Aachen, Germany
Robertz, DanielRWTH-Aachen, Germany

16:10-16:35, Paper MoP13.3

Flat Multidimensional Linear Systems with Constant Coefficients Are Equivalent to Controllable 1-D Linear Systems (I)
Fabianska, AnnaRWTH-Aachen
Quadrat, AlbanINRIA Sophia Antipolis

16:35-17:00, Paper MoP13.4

Constructive Computation of Flat Outputs of a Class of Multidimensional Linear Systems with Variable Coefficients (I)
Quadrat, AlbanINRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
Robertz, DanielRWTH Aachen, Germany

17:00-17:25, Paper MoP13.5

On the Monge Problem and Multidimensional Optimal Control (I)
Quadrat, AlbanINRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
Robertz, DanielRWTH Aachen, Germany